Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Introducing the Brandon Michael Lee Photography website 3.0

Over the course of a year and some change, I've changed the look of the website three times.  The first was just to get something out there.  The second was to make it look good..  This new and improved version is to make a statement.  Now it's been tradition that when I finish my website that I attempt to get a blog going.  I've failed at that twice.  But, now since I've gotten the business off the floor and into something respectable, I should now have something to write about.  Website 3.0 has taken me about 2.5 weeks to complete (or about a couple hours for anyone with knowledge on how to build a website.)  Let me begin.

I'll start by saying beyond Adobe Photo Shop, Light Room, Premiere Pro, and Audition (photo, video, and audio editing programs,) I'm clueless in how to use a computer.  While I find myself to be naturally talented at most things and can easily pickup most any skill I put my mind to, web design is not one.  Luckily for myself, my web server Smugmug is pretty simple and easy to use.  So simple in fact, that if I didn't have to learn how to use it, it would've taken only a couple days to make.  I guess my saving grace is that there was no overwhelming internet code to deal with (all drag and drop,) and there were plenty of tutorials out there to help guide me.  The nice thing with it is Smugmug offers all the features I desired to have on my website plus some.  The 3.0 website is based off a template, so someone somewhere will have something similar looking, but I don't really care anymore as I have no desire to learn how encode the internet.  It gave me a headache every time I've attempted to do so.  So let me spill my thoughts.

Website 3.0 is sharp looking!  This may be that my skill for photography continues to grow at a pace that continues to surprise me.  I'll remain humble.  The layout is sleek and compliments my newly redesigned logo and photography style nicely!

Website 3.0 is packed with features!  It's what I've toyed around with till I got it perfectly how I wanted it.  Some of the features are:

* I've updated my portfolio (narrowing down your images to your top ones makes me insanely indecisive!)  The new format is sharp looking too!
* I've updated the about and services sections to include more information about what I do.  I am still working on this, but I'm so burnt out from working on the website that I plan to get to finish this when I feel like it.  However, it is very new..
* I've added a Prints and Products page to showcase the print and products I offer.  Yes, I've been wanting to do this since I started, but never could find a way how to make it look good.  Here you go!
* New Online Order Form.  While I prefer to do my orders face to face, ordering online is now an option.  I'm very proud of this part as it took me forever to figure out!
* Updated look to the client galleries!  Hire me and you'll fully appreciate this.
* New Search page.  Type in what your looking for and it leads you right to it!
* Blog link.  This took me forever to figure out how to integrate this to the website, but here it is!  I fully intend using the blog to give clients updates on events, photo shoots, etc.
* Social links.  I finally got around to completing my Facebook page (I completely forgot I had it until one of my clients liked the page, it was basically nothing for about a year.)  Instagram is linked, I've had one for two years but never used it until I was persuaded by some friends to use it, I now Instagram all the time!  Thanks guys!  And Twitter, which I never use except to share Instagram photos, which is pretty much just Instagram.

Website 3.0 is likely going to stay as is for a long time as I now think I have it perfect!  I'll leave on this note.  I hate building websites and absolutely do not look forward to going through this process again!


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