Sunday, April 13, 2014


This is a side benefit from photography.  During most of any photo shoot you fail recognize this.  At least, maybe I'm not to that point.  Yeah, I'm happy when I look on the back of the camera and see a photo I happen to love and know that your clients will absolutely love.  You don't need to hear it, you may not even need to see it.  You just feel it.  Emotion.  Impact.  It's knowing in your heart that you did something meaningful to someone.  And in a million ways, it's worth more than they could ever pay you.

Photography, its not all about the quality of the image.  Some of the greatest images in history were taken with a card board box.  Photography is about grabbing moments, capturing them, and preserving them.  It's amazing the amount of emotion you can provoke by simply freezing a split second in time.  And when you look back on that moment, the same feeling and emotions are brought back to life.  That's photography.  That's something I completely failed to recognize when I first started.  And to date, it's the greatest benefit I've received.

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